Up All Night

Back in early September of 2009 my now husband, Erik, and I had been dating for just over 8 months and spent the night, as we often did and still do, talking into the wee hours of the morning. You know, the type of conversation you have when you're still discovering all there is to know about one another; talking about everything and nothing all at the same time. We were young, in our early and mid-twenties, living in San Diego and decided at 3:00am that sleep wasn't necessary and nothing sounded better than a breakfast burrito on the beach at sunrise. So we took to Google to find a breakfast spot that could make this whim a reality. After about an hour of searching we finally happened upon a little dive in Cardiff, CA called Pipes Cafe. It was perfect! So we set out on our pilgrimage.

We drove for over an hour and arrived at the beach just before sunrise. Everything was so still, quiet, and peaceful. We listened to the waves crashing on the shore and watched as the first light of the day crested over the hills illuminating the world around us springing all the wildlife into action. The gulls, pelicans, and cranes flew overhead swooping down to the ocean for their morning feeding. It all seemed so majestic, as if the moment was created just for us.

After enjoying the sights and sounds mother nature had provided, we took a short walk up to Pipes Cafe and enjoyed one of the best breakfast burritos I've ever had. Was it truly the best breakfast burrito? Probably not, but in that moment as I remember it, it definitely was.

It was then that I turned to Erik and asked, "Have you ever seen the seals at the cove?" and he replied, "What seals at the cove?". Our next destination was clear! We finished up our breakfast and headed to La Jolla for some seal watching. When we arrived it was still quite early and for once not very crowded. We were able to walk all along the lookout over Seal Rock and The Children's Pool watching the seals lounge about in the warming heat of the sun. There was one young seal in particular off on his own that seemed to enjoy our company, looking up at us when we spoke to him like he was interested in what we had to say. We took our time hanging out with the seals neither one of us wanting to end the day and go back to our tiny apartment. Eventually we realized we didn't have to! So we each picked another spot to go visit and set off to continue our adventure.

Our next stop was one of my favorite places in San Diego, Seaport Village. This wasn't our first visit to Seaport; it was a place I loved to go when I wanted to get out but had no particular plan in mind so we had been several times before. I have fond memories of visiting Seaport as a little girl with my mom. We would spend the day walking around through all the little shops, watching the boats in the harbor, riding the carousel (on which I would always choose a stationary animal), and my favorite part getting a Shirley Temple with extra cherries when we stopped for lunch. As an adult I returned there many times just to walk around and whenever someone visited from out of town I would take them to Seaport. That day Erik and I did much of the same, visiting the bird man with his parrots on the lawn, trinket shopping, and enjoying lunch at the Harbor House overlooking the water which became one of our favorite restaurants in San Diego.

Our last stop to round out our day of being tourists in our own city was Balboa Park. Formerly, this is where we had our first date and a place we would re-visit often while living in San Diego. We enjoyed the late afternoon walking among the beautiful architecture, watching kids play in the fountain, and finished with a visit to the Air & Space museum before returning home.

It's been almost ten years now and we still talk about our epic quest on the day we stayed up all night. There was something magical about that day about indulging in our spontaneity. A feeling of breaking the rules; that we had a secret from the whole world. It's a feeling we try to recapture from time to time when we adventure in to unknown areas where we can be anyone and do anything. The pictures from that day, while not among my best, are some of my most cherished and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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