So you want to podcast?

We started a podcast! We bought some mics and started recording some thoughts and chopped together two episodes on things that interest us. What did that take? Well I thought while it is fresh I could help out some folks...

First you will need a microphone, we did some research and it came down to a the Snowball one and Blue Yeti microphone. After some more research I decided to spring for the Yeti, really it came down the headphone input and the kits. I wanted an arm that I could raise above the monitors and get it out of the way. So we bought this:

Blue Yeticaster Professional Broadcast Bundle (Blackout)

B&H had it in our hands quickly and I plugged it in and everything was fine. I found Adobe Audition, (it gets hate but I am not Mark or Joe so it is fine for now), and I started a test. First came the booms, hiss, and then the echoes! Uh oh. I ordered a pop filter after and then I tried again. Took care of the pops but did nothing for the high pitch and echo. Was it the microphone?

Here is the technical stuff, mics are sensitive :) and in order to control it I found Voicemeeter (no not a typo) and virtual cable. See this thing basically becomes a virtual cable that adds resistance and allows for control of the echo. After some fiddling we had it dialed in to where we liked it.

We recorded Episode 1, head over to the Podcast section to listen to it, and thought great let's post it! Well how does that happen? See streaming media takes power and our provider does not like podcasts or really video due to bandwidth. Makes perfect sense really. So we found a provider, Podbean, and decided to publish. That was simple! Wait whats the price? Free to start, but it is very limited if you care about some features. I wanted to publish as if from our domain and guess what? Cha-ching! 9 bucks a month please. Okay fine...I will say they make it very easy and the basic analytics are fun to look at.

So now your podcast is in the wild, but it is only on Podbean. Last I checked, they are not iTunes, Google Play or Spotify. How does that work? Well Podbean partners with Spotify so that was a simple button push. iTunes was a bit harder, we submitted the RSS feed and waited for approval and Google works the same.

All in all it is a simple process and is pretty fun for a hobby or business leg. I have no idea where the SoundedHeart podcast is going. I have so many interests so it will be fun to rant and rave to you all and hopefully spread some useful information.

So in summary, get a mic, software, and a provider and read the directions. Pretty simple. Good luck and happy casting!

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