One Good Shot

Yesterday we posted a picture on our social media of the first baby fawn to arrive on our property this year. I tried to get a good shot, but I just couldn't manage to capture the little one holding still so the picture was pretty low quality. This reminded me of something another photographer, Tim Ernst, said during one of his workshops that I attended, "Use all principals of good photography for each time you take a photograph...unless you're working with animals or children, then all bets are off. Just take what you can get and hope for one good shot." This was definitely what I heard in my head yesterday and many times before when trying to capture animals on film.

Most of the time when I set out to take photographs I have a specific idea of what I'd like to capture, but with wildlife it almost never turns out that way. Each of the photographs I'm sharing today are the "one good shot" I was able to manage out of dozens, sometimes hundreds, but I guess it only really takes one after all! Enjoy!

Perched Hummingbird

Cardinal in Cedar Tree

Preening Duck

Bashful Grizzly

Foraging Grizzly

Portrait of an Elk

Looking a Cow in the Eye

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