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I started drafting the SoundedHeart logo on the iPad in Procreate during one weekend where not much was happening. The idea sprung to life after drawing countless hearts and and thinking about how this all will look on media presentations. Wanting something with a clean look and a pop of color I attempted a mechanical heart in a robot...that did not fit, but it did give us the barcode! I wanted a true bar code that could be scanned so I found the open source font that we see in the logo today. Next I had an idea of a paint brush, I thought it would be neat to show the instrument. I was inspired by others painting and drawing and there was this thought to bring in a military approach. I wanted something that looked purposeful and distinguished. So my first draft had the brush being held in a painting manner swiping across the screen. Nope, that was horrible! Later I flipped the hand and made it grab the brush. I really enjoyed that look! So there it was the rough drawing.

So I moved to the workstation and got the thing over to Adobe Illustrator and started my first vector drawing. Below is the outcome of that first work. I have ideas to bring our subscribers into the log and then I made the hand pop from the ground. I believe art is somewhat a dead form in this world. There is so much talent that gets buried in politics, war, and lack of resources, and in that I want a resurrection. My hope is that it evokes a feeling of a rock and roll chant and a breaking of the ground. I am pretty proud of this little guy but not as proud as when it came to shrink it for media and small design.

Small designed logos are tough. You need to get the main logo all into a 150 pixel width and not have a loss of what your brand stands for. I started on the small logo by peeling the patch from the main logo's art glove. Then I grabbed the paint brush tip. Arranging it as you see it today took a few attempts but in the end it acts as an underline to just about everything. At the heart of this company is desire to create art. To broadcast to the world what we are and what we stand for and to never be afraid of color. I think the paintbrush added this. Words are painful if just splashed on a page but with a touch of color and a drop of paint hopefully we can bring a message forward.

I wanted to share this process for those looking to create a logo. It is not easy. This work took about a month of discussion and another month to originate. For me it had to be formed to allow animation, painting, illustration, and look good on a television. Your needs may be different but the main goal should always be to captivate an audience. Grab their attention through your creative powers and never let go.

I hope you go out there and create something beautiful!



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