Journey Through the Lens

I've always loved photography. Something about the emotion that can be captured in a still image has always fascinated me. I started truly learning the art of photography at the age of 15 in first year photography class taught by the ever memorable Mr. Gilwee. He tried to impart all the core concepts of light, composition, exposure, and darkroom techniques into our young minds. Most students in the class skated through putting in minimal effort behind their projects, but I found a place I truly loved and an artform that I was decently good at creating.

I took two years of photography in high school and even contemplated attending The Brooks Institute of Photography after graduation to continue honing my craft. Unfortunately, the cost for Brooks was too high and I didn't fully understand the concept of student loans, so I continued on to community college and gave up the dream of photography.

As time moved on and technology advanced all of the sudden everyone had a camera in their pocket and digital SLRs were the wave of the future. More and more photographers began switching over to a digital format, trading in their enlargers and chemical baths for a Mac and a copy of Photoshop. I tried to resist the digital photography trend as I longed for the days spent under the red light of a darkroom developing photos while listening to the classic rock mix Mr. Gilwee would play as I drifted into my own world. I would soon discover I couldn't resist it for long.

About 8 years ago I was given my first digital SLR as a gift from my now husband and I set about relearning photography. Admittedly, I haven't spent as much time as I should have or wanted to with my photography work because, well, life and self-doubt got in the way.

As we set about creating the vision of what SoundedHeart could be, the type of creative environment we wanted to foster, and how we could both contribute to the vision; there was a giant elephant in the room. What about sharing my photography? Erik was ready to put himself out there by sharing his artwork, but I wasn't quite as willing to take the leap with my photos as I'm still quite the amateur and by no means am I creating at what I believe to be a sharable level. However, after doing some soul searching I have decided to take the plunge and share some of my photography.

For me, this is an ongoing journey and I hope to continue to improve with each click of the shutter. Please let me know what you think, but remember; I'm still a work in progress!

Historic Montana Homestead - Bozeman, MT

Montana Homestead Wagon - Bozeman, MT

Bison on the Ridge - Yellowstone National Park

View from the Rest Stop - Paradise Valley, MT

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