Flowers That Fly

Unfortunately for my insect phobic husband, I love butterflies. Their transformational life cycle, beautiful colors, camouflage, and ability to float on the breeze with elegance. I find it all fascinating and captivating. When we moved to Arkansas I learned that near to us is a butterfly conservatory which is open to the public. Begrudgingly, my husband has entertained my fascination on several occasions accompanying me as I marvel at all the beautiful butterflies. I even managed to drag him to a butterfly sanctuary on our honeymoon in Costa Rica!

While I would love to photograph butterflies in their natural wild habitat, I have found them to be quite an illusive subject thus far. Alas, I have only been able to photograph them in captivity along with their accompanying man made habitat. These are some of the best shots I've captured over the years and locations. I hope you enjoy them!

Fire and Ash

Maroon Lion

Autumn Butterfly

Smiling Treefrog

Blueberry Butterfly

Purple Fire

Black Sunshine

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