Chasing Waterfalls

When we moved to Arkansas in 2011 I discovered one of my favorite photography subjects, waterfalls. Not that we didn't have any in California, but here they are so plentiful and accessible. I always struggled with the technique of capturing the flowing water so it appeared smooth in the image until I attended a workshop in 2013 where we spent the entire day just shooting waterfalls. That's when it all clicked for me and I finally had great looking waterfall pictures.

Now waterfalls are a recurring theme in my photography. Besides the inherent majesty of a waterfall there's something so satisfying about capturing it on film and conveying the movement and serenity of the water. I can't get enough of them and I hope you enjoy them as well!

Six Finger Falls - Ozark National Forest

Falling Water Falls Tree Ladder - Ozark National Forest

Six Finger Falls Rock - Ozark National Forest

Copper Falls - Dogwood Canyon

Falling Water Falls - Ozark National Forest


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